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It’s Official, Bondi Is One Of The Top 5 Most ‘Grammed Beaches In The World

It’s Official, Bondi Is One Of The Top 5 Most ‘Grammed Beaches In The World

In news that should shock no-one from Australia, or at least no-one from Sydney, the most Instagrammed beaches in the world have been named, and the iconic Bondi Beach is in the top five.

By looking at the corresponding hashtags and the number of photos that have been posted under them on Instagram, Inkifi have charted the most popular beaches to nab a cheeky shot for the ‘Gram around the world.


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Before we get into it, let me just say right off the bat, that we should absolutely take these result with a grain of salt. A quick search myself shows that a whole heap of the images under these hashtags aren’t actually of the beach in question — just a bunch of candles or some person in small swimwear inside their own bathroom, or actual porn (??). Let it be a lesson to all of us to be more precise with our hashtags.

It’s no surprise then, that the entire top five beaches are particularly well known for show-boating. It’s still fun to see the results though, and the top 10 gets a little more varied, so let’s have a look, shall we?

Besides our Bondi, all the top five spots were taken out by the USA. Coming in top spot is Miami Beach (#miamibeach) with an easy win of 12,255,704 posts, followed by Venice Beach (#venicebeach) with 3,963,729 posts and Laguna Beach (#lagunabeach) with 2,562,200. The fifth place getter was Daytona Beach (#daytonabeach) with 1,078,423 posts.


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In the middle-ish, at number four, was good old Bondi (#bondibeach) with 1,669,415. So not a bad effort.

The last five spots of the top 10 went to:

6. Panama City Beach, USA (#panamacitybeach) 715,851 posts

7. Paradise Beach, Croatia (#paradisebeach) 715,588 posts

8. Los Roques, Venezuela (#losroques) 459,010 posts

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9. Maya Bay, Thailand (#mayabay) 393,746 posts

10. Skagen Beach, Denmark (#skagen) 367,089 posts


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I’m going to say something possibly controversial though, at least to anyone who needs their muscles validated by the general public — it’s not even our best beach, it’s just the biggest tourist trap. Although I will admit a good Iceburgs ocean pool shot can be super glam.

If I really need to prove my point though, please enjoy this list of 20 beaches around the country that are better for that Insta shot, and better for swimming in general, right here.

(Lead Image: Unsplash /James Ree)

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