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The Research Vessel From ‘Blue Planet II’ Has Been Listed On Airbnb

The Research Vessel From ‘Blue Planet II’ Has Been Listed On Airbnb

Blue Planet on Airbnb

Blue Planet II, the sequel to Sir David Attenborough‘s legendary 2001 nature documentary, made literal waves when it was released in October of 2017. At the centre of the spectacular production was a research vessel of the same name – Blue Planet – and, now, it’s available to rent on Airbnb.

Having explored some of the world’s most incredible marine environments, from South Africa to Antarctica, Blue Planet will be opened up to a couple of lucky travellers, whose stay comes complete with a genuine submarine outing.

“With two submersibles, a helipad, the latest in technical diving, filming and scientific research equipment, as well as shipboard comforts, this is an expedition ship like no other,” the listing reads, presumably in Sir David’s voice.

Blue Planet on Airbnb

But this isn’t a holiday for those seeking R and R. Nope, guests will be staying, eating and assisting crews during their stay.

“You will be sharing meals with the crew and observing and discussing their work. So come prepared for an active research trip during which you’ll gain in-depth knowledge about our ocean, its vital importance to the health of the planet, and the impact that humans are having on its survival,” the listing adds.

That “crew” includes Orla Doherty, host and producer of “The Deep”, one of Blue Planet II‘s eeriest and most recognisable episodes, and a submarine pilot, who’ll guide guests hundreds of metres below the water’s surface, where they’ll be treated to 360-degree views of the Atlantic Ocean.

(It’s recommended that guests “avoid watching Jaws or The Abyss before [their] trip”.)

Blue Planet on Airbnb

Travelling between April 1 and 8 for three days and two nights, the Airbnb excursion will leave from Cape Eleuthera in the Bahamas.

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Of course, given this is the closest most of us will get to Sir David himself, there’s some stiff competition. To reserve your place in the crew, you need to tell Airbnb – in less than 550 characters – about your idea deep-sea adventure. Specifically, what you “dream of exploring beneath the waves”.

Entries are open until 11pm on February 10 ADST (that’s 12pm GMT). Three winners will be selected and notified by February 17, and can bring a plus-one with them on the trip (pick me!).

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(All images courtesy of Airbnb)

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