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You Can Legit Stay In Reese Witherspoon’s Beach House From ‘Big Little Lies’

You Can Legit Stay In Reese Witherspoon’s Beach House From ‘Big Little Lies’

big little lies house

TV series powerhouse Big Little Lies is currently wowing us all with a second season of drama, Meryl Streep and more real estate porn than you can handle while you sit in your tiny but inexplicably expensive Sydney apartment.

This is a show about beautiful people living in beautiful houses, and leading lady Reese Witherspoon has perhaps the most beautiful house of them all. There are lots of moody shots of her character Madeline looking out at the beach from massive floor-to-ceiling windows, cooking in her gorgeous open-plan kitchen or lounging on her balcony with a wine in hand. It’s a whole mood.


If you’ve ever found yourself lusting after Madeline’s beautiful house and wishing that you, too, were married to Adam Scott then oh boy, are you in luck! You can now rent her beachside house for yourself.

big little lies house

Sadly, it doesn’t come with Adam Scott. Oh well, easy come, easy go.

Although the show is set in Monterey, California the actual house they used for filming is on Malibu’s Broad Beach. And it may be even more impressive than Madeline’s digs are shown to be – the IRL house has seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms, two private decks, an outdoor fireplace and a beachfront hot tub. There are televisions in every room, a full-house music system and a rock sauna too, plus more amenities than can fit in this article.


But Madeline’s beach views are all real, baby. The vacation house opens out onto a private backyard beach that’s part of Malibu’s most exclusive beach.

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A stay in the house will set you back between US$3000 and $5000 (AU$4305 and $7176) per night. Did you think Madeline Mackenzie would schlub it in anything less? But that’s not a bad price if you split it between all the mates who could come – seven bedrooms, remember?

It sleeps twelve people, so you know what you have to do – look at all of the Meryl Streep memes, plan a trip to California with eleven of you best friends and live out your moodiest, most dramatic Big Little Lies life.

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(Images: Malibu Luxury Vacation Homes)

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