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4 Experiences That Prove Esperance In WA Is The Perfect Place To Get Your Zen Back

4 Experiences That Prove Esperance In WA Is The Perfect Place To Get Your Zen Back

After what can only be described as a monumentally trash year, it comes as no surprise that a solid 42% of you are keen to book some kind of wellness experience in 2021. Heck, we owe our physical and mental wellbeing a bit of extra TLC after what we’ve been through.

Escaping the big smoke and being at one with nature is one of the best ways to tend to your physical and mental state. In Western Australia, there’s one southern town that’s emerging as a hotspot for such a getaway; both because of its relatively untouched landscapes in five different national parks and for the high number of ‘me’ focused retreats based in the area.

Find your zen in Esperance at any one of these blissful retreats.

#1 Esperance Chalet Village

If you’re at all familiar with some WA Instagram accounts, you would have seen Esperance Chalet Village’s statement-making A-frame cottages and aesthetically pleasing push bikes plastered all over your feed. They’re local icons.

While it’s the perfect location to unwind at the beach and star gaze by an open fire or explore with their complimentary bikes at any time of year, a special Body Pulse Pilates inaugural retreat is available from April 28 to May 2 this year.

For $1599, this 5-day retreat bases itself at the village and includes twice daily pilates classes, two yoga classes, a sound healing session, a day out hiking the nearby Frenchman’s peak, a Hellfire Bay picnic, a three month subscription to Body Pulse Pilates’ online classes, and, of course, accommodation at the village.

#2 Edgewater Hikes


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If you’re keen on the idea of a getaway to benefit both mind and body but can’t think of anything worse than twisting yourself into a pretzel, a five-day ‘walking with wildflowers’ retreat could be right up your alley.

The team at Edgewater Hikes facilitate walks all over the south-west, but their Fitzgerald River National Park walks are particularly special. With just three sessions during the month of September, these wildflower walks will take you through the 3000 square kilometres of the national park while it’s in bloom. With 20 percent of the state’s flora calling the park home, there’s a heck of a lot of rare flowers to spot.

Your $2380 covers not your guided hikes through inland and coastal park area, but entrance to the famed Ravensthorpe Wildflower Show, a whale-watching expedition, twin share accommodation, and all meals.

#3 Esperance Adventure Wellbeing Retreats

Grab some friends and make the most of Esperance’s pristine (and more often than not, empty) beaches on a private weekend retreat with Radiant Being.

There’s a strong yoga theme over the course of the weekend, but variety and the outdoors is key here. Amongst the indoor restorative and aerial yoga sessions, you can breathe some salty air deep into your lungs with a spot of SUP yoga, beach yoga, and sunset yoga.

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Completely non-yoga related, there’s also a nutrition session with a naturopath. There are no set dates for the retreat; just call up, book a weekend, and hand over your $777.

#4 Twilight Yoga Studios

If you thought the landscapes around Esperance were rugged and untouched, try heading out to Woody Island on a retreat with Twilight Yoga Studios.

Woody Island is one of 150 islands that make up the Recherche Archipelago (aka Bay of Isles) and is a relatively undiscovered nature reserve.

Join an overnight retreat for $450 and explore the island in your downtime between yoga classes and meditations. There will be guided walks will be led by team members of Woody Island Eco Tours, all meals and transfers are provided and you’ll get to stay in one of the island’s glamping tents.

If you’d prefer to keep your feet firmly planted on the mainland, Twilight Yoga Studios also run seven-day retreats in town.

They’l also be running a one-day festival on March 27. A $95 ticket will get you access to yoga, pilates, meditation classes, access to an on-site naturopath and a sound healing session, plus afternoon tea and a grazing table.

(Lead image: Tourism Western Australia)

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