8 Epic Outdoor Bathtubs Around Australia With Stunning Views

As anyone who follows me on Instagram knows, taking a bath is one of my favourite pastimes. The warmth, the bubbles, the fancy things to put in your bath, reading a good book while you’re in there — all of it equals perfection.

Frankly, I share baths on my Insta stories an obnoxious amount as it is, and that’s just baths it my small and slightly cracking Sydney apartment bathtub. When I find an actually luxe tub on my travels though, oh boy look out. Case and point:


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So yes, I am someone who has a bathtub bucket list, and once you take a gander at these eight fab baths around Australia, I dare you not to have one too.

#1 Julia Creek Caravan Park & Outdoor Baths, QLD

Yep, it’s just a caravan park in McKinlay Shire, not a 10 million dollar luxe retreat. Yet, this outdoor bath is the thing of Instagram dreams. The six sets of two baths are free to use for caravan park guests, and you can enjoy them with a glass of champers and a cheese plate.

#2 Bubble Tents Australia, NSW


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If I don’t get to stay in a bubble tent this year, then I haven’t done it right. If I may draw your attention to these ones in Capertee (near the Blue Mountains), however, each with an epic outdoor wood-fired bathtub which you can absolutely stargaze from.

#3 Gilberton Outback Retreat, QLD

Head to the Queensland outback for a luxury stay at five-star Gilberton Retreat. With rooms overlooking the Gilbert River, your bathtub is set up with sweeping views of the valley below. Only two people can stay at a time, so you truly get it all to yourself.

#4 Eagles Nest Retreat, TAS


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Tasmania has quite the reputation as the capital of culinary delights, so imagine enjoying them from the comfort of these huge outdoor baths in Mount Roland. Chill all the way with a glass of wine in hand, enjoying the alpine mountain view.

#5 El Questro Homestead, WA


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The Kimberleys should be on everyone’s bucket list anyway, but how about staying at this 10-suite hideaway while you’re there. Your room comes with either an outdoor bathtub, or one by a giant window, so you can enjoy the Kimberly sunset while you relax.

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#6 The Cliff House, SA

How about a spa bath that you can you spot real-life dolphins from (in the right season, of course)? Of course at any time of year, this cliffside outdoor tub on Kangaroo Island (and, frankly, the epic holiday rental it comes with) is perfect for a bit of beach watching or star gazing over the southern sea.

#7 Nightfall, QLD


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Just you, taking a bath inside a huge glamping tent, surrounded by Lamington National Park in the Gold Coast Hinterlands. Tell me that doesn’t sound like heaven. It’s certified by Eco-Tourism Australia, so you can have max relaxation without leaving a footprint.

#8 Thalia Haven, TAS


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I may have saved the best until last. Luxury, privacy, nature and and epic outdoor bath tub all await you in this Oyster Bay holiday rental. As it’s set on a private 130-acre wooded peninsula, you not only get the tub to yourself, but you can explore the whole area undisturbed.

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