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Behold The Beyoncé-Inspired Skyscraper To Be Built In Melbourne

Behold The Beyoncé-Inspired Skyscraper To Be Built In Melbourne

Continuing its reign at Australia’s hippest city, Melbourne will soon be home to its very own Beyoncé inspired skyscraper.


Melbourne designers Elenberg Fraser, who have won planning approval for the skyscraper, found inspiration in the aesthetic of film clip for the singer’s 2013 hit ‘Ghost’.

The studio have emulated the fabric-wrapped bodies of dancers seen in the video to create a sleek and structurally impressive grey skyscraper.beyonce3

The 226-metre-high building will occupy 134 Spencer Street in Melbourne’s western end and features curves, swells and bumps that not only resemble the shapes pulled in Yoncé’s song, but also help with the structural integrity of the building. Bonus!


Named the ‘Premier Tower’, the 78-storey building will house apartments, hotel rooms and retail space.

Yoncé hasn’t yet to make an official comment on the monument in her honour but the plan seems pretty ***Flawless to us.

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(All images: Elenberg Fraser)

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