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5 Aussie Travel Photographers You Should Be Following On Instagram

5 Aussie Travel Photographers You Should Be Following On Instagram

Jarrad Seng in Iceland

Don’t get us wrong – your Instagram snaps are great. But there are a couple of Aussie travel photographers who are absolutely killing it on Instagram right now.

Fuel your feed (and your wanderlust), and thank us later.

#1 Jarrad Seng

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If he looks familiar, it could have something to with the fact that music and travel photographer and creative director Jarrad Seng recently spent a couple of months as a competitor on Survivor Australia – or maybe it’s because you’re already following him on Instagram.

His work on international music tours, tourism campaigns, short films and charity work means he’s seen some pretty spectacular places in his time, and gone to some pretty extreme lengths to capture them – think hanging out of a helicopter in Iceland and hiking five days to the world’s biggest cave.

Follow him at: @jarradseng.

#2 Lisa Michele Burns

Working with a number of the world’s biggest hotel and tourism groups, Lisa Michele Burns has a knack for capturing magic moments in the world’s most beautiful locations. But perhaps the most badass thing about her work is that she does a large chunk of it from under water.

If you’re looking to brush up, Burns hosts workshops and photo tours all over the world, from New Zealand to Japan. As an added bonus, check out this awesome guide she wrote about visiting the ice caves of Iceland‘s largest glacier for AWOL!

Follow her at: @the_wanderinglens

#3 Gab Scanu

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Hailing from Maroubra in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, Gab Scanu’s drone shots of Australia’s iconic beaches and ocean pools are instantly recognisable. They’ve earned him a gob-smacking 325,000 followers in the short two years since he started sharing them on Instagram.

And while he’s still capturing the incredible coastline (and the desert) in his own backyard, he’s recently expanded his repertoire to include shots from the USA, Mexico and the Bahamas, among others.

Follow him at: @gabscanu

#4 Citizens of the World

If the work of Dominic and Meghan Loneragan doesn’t make you want to log in and lodge an application for annual leave right now, nothing will. A quick glance at their shared profile, Citizens of the World, shows wanderlust-inducing snaps from Tasmania’s Freycinet National Park to Hong Kong’s concrete jungle and everywhere in between.

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Meghan is a writer and former travel editor, while Dominic is a professional photographer with more than a decade of experience under his belt. The Sydney-based pair have spent the past few years travelling the world together, sharing their adventures (and recommendations) with more than 57,000 followers.

Follow them at: @citizensoftheworld

#5 Jason Charles Hill

They sure do know how to make ’em up North: Brisbane-based Jason Charles Hill is responsible for some of the most spectacular landscape shots you’ll see on Instagram, from the forest in British Columbia to the desert in Dubai.

Hill credits his success to his love of travel and the outdoors, and it’s obvious he doesn’t shy away from challenging terrain. The shots, it seems, are totally worth it.

Follow him at: @jasoncharleshill

(Lead image: Colin Rex. Follow Colin on Instgram at @colintrex)

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