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Look Below The Surface For Arizona’s Otherworldly Rock Formations

Look Below The Surface For Arizona’s Otherworldly Rock Formations

Arizona, famous for its arid desert basins and dusty landscapes, is home to some sensational natural spectacles – one of which is a unique underworld only visible from beneath the earth’s surface.

You’ll find it in Page, Arizona, just 175km north of Grand Canyon National Park. Photographer-and-filmmaker duo HowFarFromHome ventured down inside the tight space to capture some truly magical images.

The slot canyons came about as a result of the flash flooding the area is prone to.

Gradually, over time, the floods eroded the earth’s surface leaving these smooth and almost unreal shape formations.

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When the sun rises, and shines at just the right spot, the entire space is lit up with the light’s beam making the space look even more dreamlike.

If you’re driving from the Grand Canyon’s North Rim, take route 67 to Jacob Lake, then turn right onto route 89 South, which you can follow all the way to Page.

To see more of HowFarFromHome’s pics, head on over to Instagram.

(All Images: HowFarFromHome)

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