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Angus & Julia Stone’s 5 Favourite Places In The World

Angus & Julia Stone’s 5 Favourite Places In The World

Having travelled the world many times over, we figured brother and sister folk duo Angus & Julia Stone would have some pretty good tried and true travel tips. Check out the below video they made for Qantas.

As well as this, they’ve given us their favourite places to eat, drink and hang out in far-flung places like Brussels, New York and Berlin. Keep them in mind if you’re heading to one of these countries anytime soon. Who knows, you might even run into the siblings themselves.

#1 L’Archiduc Piano Bar, Brussels

(Photo: ArcheoNet Vlaanderen/Flickr)

L’Archiduc is an art deco style piano bar close to the centre of the city. We went here after a show, and everyone was festive and enjoying a few drinks. They had a pianist there and when she took a break our piano player Jon sat down and started playing. She walked back over and started playing along with him. Everyone gathered around the piano and it turned into a real party. It was an amazing, fun time. The owner loves music so they were very happy to have us all there.

#2 Cafe Gitane, NYC

(Photo: Cafe Gitan website)

This is a super cute little cafe in the Lower East Side. It has good food, good coffee and good people watching. What else could you need?

#3 Hotel Amor, Paris

(Photo: Hotel Amor website)

Hotel Amor is an amazing place for dinner. There’s a really nice atmosphere here in the evening and it’s very close to Montmartre so you can walk down from seeing the the beautiful views of theSacré-Cœur and cozy up in this very Parisian restaurant.

#4 Silo Coffee, Berlin

(Photo: Silo Coffee/Facebook)

Silo Coffee is a super stylish Berlin cafe. There’s very tasty breakfast and coffee, which is really necessary when you’re out on tour. The people who run the place are absolutely lovely.

#5 Paddle tennis courts, LA

(Photo: Andrew Miller/Flickr)

The Paddle Tennis courts at Venice Beach has to be up there with one of our favourite places to hang out in LA. The game is great and the scene down there is really interesting. Such a varied mix of people. Muscle park, rappers on the promenade and buskers galore. We always have a good time, a good laugh and great games.

Angus & Julia kick off their Australian national tour on February 4. You could win a meet and greet or one of five double passes to each show here.

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