This Travel Blogger Inserts Iconic Movie Scenes Into Their Real-Life Locations

While some enjoy simply visiting real life filming locations of iconic movie scenes, one travel blogger has upped the ante and, oh boy, it’s satisfying.

Not only does German travel and film blogger Andrea David track down where the scenes were filmed, but she brings along snaps of said scenes and places them into their exact settings. You can see exactly where movies such as Game of Thrones, Love Actually, Star Wars, The Notebook, Forest Gump and 50 Shades of Grey were filmed.


David lives in Hamburg, Germany, and, while studying at university, wrote a thesis on the influence of films on where she chose to travel, allowing her fanatic love for film and travel to unite.

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“While doing research in 2004, I gained a taste for it and started travelling to various filming locations,” David told Lonely Planet. “After my thesis, I continued travelling this way because I really enjoyed it, and I decided to share my experiences and adventures with other people who might also be interested.”

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Her work has blown up, with more than 80,000 followers on Instagram. She shares her incredible adventures there and on her blog.

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“A lot of people wrote to me saying that they are grateful, because they finally know if and where they can find the places they long to see,” she says. “Others said they have received great new travel ideas, and this has motivated me to continue.”

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To get your daily dose of travel inspo, follow Andrea on Instagram or check out her blog.

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