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And The Best Beach In Australia Is…

And The Best Beach In Australia Is…

Summer is here and so comes the onslaught of days spent lazing by the beach. Lucky for us here in Australia, we have a plethora of great sandy beaches that rival even the best in the world. But where’s the best spot to nab that sun-kissed glow you’ll be needing come winter?

In true summer fashion, travel bible CN Traveller have rounded up the 10 best beaches in Australia that’ll surely give you itchy feet for a beach side adventure. Don your togs – it’s going to be a hot one.

#1 Whitehaven Beach, Queensland

(Photo: Petra Bensted/Flickr)

Boasting the purest sand in the world – that’s 98 percent pure silica – this beach paradise sure does live up to its name. Whitehaven is surely a haven in blue and white with perfect coves and lush lagoons that stretch along the coast in an idyllic setting.

#2 Turquoise Bay, Western Australia

(Photo: Robert Young/Flickr)

Snorkellers, paddleboarders, swimmers and sun worshippers will enjoy this perfect stretch of beach along WA’s Coral Coast. The best part? This beach is pretty much deserted 24/7 thanks to its ultra-remote location in the Cape Range National Park. Winner winner chicken dinner.

#3 Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

(Photo: Duncan Rawlinson/Flickr)

Funny how fitting all these beach names are – Wineglass Bay is no exception. Shaped like the belly of a wine glass, this Tassie delight will make you rethink spending summer up north. Summer on our southern isle is supremely underrated and if you’re looking to beat the crowds up in Queensland, this might just be the place.

#4 Noosa Main Beach, Queensland

(Photo: Aussie Active/Flickr)

A local favourite for a reason, Noosa’s main beach is flanked by gorgeous palm trees making it a picture-perfect destination for surfers, families and youngsters alike. You really can’t beat a classic.

#5 Blinky Beach, New South Wales

(Photo: Lindy Buckley/Flickr)

We’ve sung our praises of Lord Howe Island before, and it bears repeating – it’s surely one of Australia’s best kept secrets. Blinky Beach is located on the island’s east side and offers up beach beauty at its finest. Definitely one for the bucket-list.

#6 Cable Beach, Western Australia

(Photo: Dedi Sharabi/Flickr)

Got Valentine’s Day plans? You and your main squeeze should consider a visit to Cable Beach up near Broome. Beautiful sunsets, pristine beaches and er… camels – it’s romance on a platter, you guys.

#7 Bells Beach, Victoria

The only Victorian contingent sure does pack a punch – as one of Australia’s best surf beaches, Bells is home to the Rip Curl Easter Pro and sees the best of the best in the surfing world battling it out on these killer swells each year. It’s a literal surfer’s paradise.

#8 75 Mile Beach, Queensland

(Photo: Oliver Teicke/Flickr)

Fraser Island’s 75 Mile Beach does ignore the metric system, but 120 Kilometre Beach doesn’t really have the same ring, does it? It’s a winner though, boasting volcanic formations, a cool beachside shipwreck and a bunch of natural jacuzzi pools that sit just beside the ocean front. These ‘Champagne Pools’ are fed by crashing waves and can usually have a big excess of foam, hence the fitting nickname. We’re just going to put this out there – Fraser Island’s got to be Australia’s coolest island.

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#9 Bondi Beach, New South Wales


Don’t let the hoards of crowds fool you, this place definitely deserves its fame. Nosh on some fish and chips and enjoy the view.

#10 Palm Cove, Queensland

(Photo: Jon Wiley/Flickr)

While Palm Cove a perfect base to explore the Whitsundays and the Great Barrier Reef, you shouldn’t dismiss this tropical paradise too soon. It certainly holds its own as a relaxing beach getaway, perfect for relaxing with a cocktail and watching the sun set. Just be warned – it’ll be pretty hard to leave.

(Lead image: Leon Wilson/Flickr)

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