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The 7 Best Things To See And Do At Adelaide Fringe Festival 2019

The 7 Best Things To See And Do At Adelaide Fringe Festival 2019

Fringe lovers rejoice! Adelaide Fringe Festival 2019 has officially begun and we hope you’re as damn excited as we are. Running for four weeks across February and March, fringe-goers can expect a jam-packed festival line-up spanning cabaret, circus, music, dance, film, magic, theatre, visual arts, workshops and more.


To help you navigate the enormous program, we’ve whittled it down to the seven best things to see and do so you don’t have to do the hard work. You’re welcome.

Adelaide Fringe Festival 2019 highlights

#1 Opening night party

Yep, it might be an obvious one, but what better way to kick-off the festivities than attending the Opening Night Party? If you’re not hip enough to make the door list for the VIP invite-only shindig (who wants to go to that anyway amirite?), this is the next best thing.

The Adelaide Night Markets, artist performances, live music on caravan stages, and the ‘switching on’ of ‘Yabarra – Gathering Of Light’ are all on the bill so get amongst it. The Opening Night Party will also feature a traditional Tindo Utpurndee (Sunset Ceremony) to recognise the living culture of the First Nations.

#2 Yabarra: Gathering Of Light

Yabarra Gathering of Light projection of Karl Winda Telfer photo by Jack Fenby adelaide fringe festival 2019
Image: Jack Fenby

This is a hybrid interactive installation work designed to awaken the senses. Indigenous Australian artworks will be projected along the Tarndaparri (River Torrens) to share stories of Kaurna country.


Works include: Perkendi tappa, an immersive sound walk, Tikkandi, Nukkondi, Yurringarnendi, seasonal stories, Munaintya Murra, a projection of dreaming hands, Kauwemela, a water screen, and Karra Kattendi, a projection of native birds among others.

#3 Street Art Explosion


Move over Lister and Beastman, there’s a few new kids on the block. Each year, Adelaide Fringe Festival enlists the help of the country’s best emerging street artists to create large-scale murals across the city and surrounding suburbs.

The line-up for Adelaide Fringe Festival 2019 features names Matthew Clark (the artist behind this year’s poster artwork), Kaspar Schmidt Mumm, Aida Azin and Gabriel Cole. Want more?

Street Art Explosion’s celebrating its 4th birthday this year, so make sure you download the map and navigate your way around works commissioned for previous festivals.

#4 Judith Lucy Vs Men

judith lucy adelaide fringe festival 2019
Judith Lucy will perform at the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2019.

Stand-up dame Judith Lucy is taking the stage at The Vagabond with her new show Judith Lucy Vs Men. Forget endless WhatsApp threads about whether or not “he’s even into me”, Lucy’s putting it to the audience to determine whether or not she should ever date again.

“Should Judith hang up her vagina for good? Australia, the decision is yours,” runs the slogan. Count us in.

#5 Wet Sounds


Swimmers, goggles, and an adventurous spirit are just some of things you’re going to need to make the most out of this peculiar event. Wet Sounds is an otherworldly sound work inviting us to experience music in some pretty wild ways. Electronic sounds above and below the water surface have been composed by Joel Cahen, with underwater performances by Rosie Sheba and the Dive Shack team. Game? Thought so.

#6 The Expert At The Card Table


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The Expert At The Card Table written by SW Erdnase is probably the most famous and most-studied book on the art of manipulating cards at gambling tables and it forms the basis for jden redden’s show.


Voted the Best Magic of Fringe Weekly Award at last year’s festival, you can expect a dazzling night of trickery as Redden takes us back to Chicago during Prohibition to replicate the dirty-work of the gambling elite.

#7 The Ironing Maidens

ironing maidens adelaide fringe festival 2019

Who doesn’t love their local laundromat? The sweet smell of fabric softener, and the gentle humming noise of the dryers go a long way to helping us zone out of the real world if only momentarily right? Well that’s all about to change.

Meet The Ironing Maidens, the award winning duo, changing the laundromat experience for good with their mix of music, visuals, costumes, lighting, dancing and all round mayhem. Ironing puns included.

See the full program at the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2019 website.

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(Lead image: Helen Page)

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