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An Abandoned European Town Is Hosting A Hide-And-Seek World Championship

An Abandoned European Town Is Hosting A Hide-And-Seek World Championship

Someone has decided to throw the event you didn’t even realise you’ve been waiting your whole life for.

The abandoned town of Consonno, found at the foothills of the Italian Alps right near Switzerland, is being revived this weekend (September 3 and 4, 2016) to host the seventh edition of ‘Nascondino‘ – the “Hide-and-Seek World Championship”.


Consonno was originally built in 1968 as a party destination – it aimed to be the “Las Vegas of Lombardy” – but was cut off by a landslide in 1976, leading to the downfall and eventual abandonment of the city. A few buildings in various states of decay are left to punctuate the area’s natural mountainous beauty. Sound like somewhere you’d like to get lost? Well, now it can be.



Sixty-four teams of five will face off in Consonno this weekend to find the ultimate hide-and-seek champion. The teams will be divided into four groups, with a member from each group hiding as a neutral “finders team” counts for 60 seconds. The hiders then have 10 minutes to leave their spots and run to a target in the middle of the playing field, where they are awarded points based on the order in which they arrive. If the hider is found or doesn’t make it to the target within 10 minutes, they get zero points. At the end of the weekend’s multiple rounds, the winners will be named based on the number of points scored.


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Consonno’s abandoned restaurant will be restored for the weekend festival, with live music, street food and beer also on offer. Registration costs €125 per team, and is includes a race kit, a uniform, overnight camping and parking. The only bad news? It’s currently only open for residents of Italy. Here’s hoping next year has international registration, so we can start practising now.

(Images: Nascondino)

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