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A London Restaurant Has Done The Unthinkable And Banned Avocado From Its Menu

A London Restaurant Has Done The Unthinkable And Banned Avocado From Its Menu

For us Aussies, avocado is not so much a brunch option but a brunch staple. It’s so firmly drilled in our collective consciousness that eggs and bacon — anything on toast really — without avocado is bland.

But other places in the world are not like here, which is why we travel in the first place. For example, a London restaurant has gone and done the unthinkable. It’s put a blanket ban on the harmless, innocent avocado.

Executive Head Chef of London restaurant Firedog, George Notley, told The Independent: “Our mission is to reinvigorate the morning dining scene in London, which has done avocado to death, and we’re frankly bored of seeing it on every breakfast and brunch menu.”

Firedog introduced the ban in order to focus on incorporating a larger range of ingredients to its dishes, including more diverse superfoods like pomegranate and fennel served in a Greek mezze style.

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If we can contain our horror for a moment, we can sort of see where the folks at Firedog are coming from. There’s a lot of delicious food in the world and we can’t always rely on the humble avo to spruce up our food.

But also, avocado is maybe the most delicious ingredient in the whole wide world. Why wouldn’t you just stop at perfection when you’ve reached it? Da Vinci didn’t complete the Mona Lisa, step back to observe it and say: “Hmm, she needs more fennel.”

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Even without avo, we’ve gotta say that Firedog’s brunch game pulls up very well.  It may even be a fun tourist activity to participate in: going out for brunch and not having avocado! How novel!

You almost have us convinced, guys.

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If you’re looking to catch a meal at Firedog, you can look at their website here.

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