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A Game Of Thrones Live Concert Experience Is Coming To North America

A Game Of Thrones Live Concert Experience Is Coming To North America

A good theme song can make or break a series. Friends? Solid. Frasier? Great tune. Stranger Things? A goddamn masterpiece. It’s no surprise then that when a certain dramatic fantasy television series became HBO’s most successful program, its theme song became part of our generation’s overall lexicon. Just hearing those opening notes can excite even the most cynical Game of Thrones fans – and now we’ll get to see it performed in the way it was truly intended.

HBO HQ have announced that a Game of Thrones live concert experience will tour North America in early 2017. Oh boy oh boy oh boy.


(Good luck getting that out of your head today!)

The program’s composer Ramin Djawadi will tour the US and Canada with a full orchestra early next year. The show’s soundtrack will be performed live as part of an overall “immersive music and visual experience” which is set to include a 360-degree stage, LED screens and special designs set to take fans through the kingdoms of Westeros. The screens will be playing select scenes from the show during the performance – so here’s hoping you’ve caught up on all the episodes!

Djawadi, who will be conducting the orchestra, has also confirmed that the program will feature ‘The Light of the Seven’, a popular piano riff you might remember from the season six finale.

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Just low key hoping this guy comes out to conduct… He’s certainly got the ‘tude for it.

The tour will begin in February and hit 25 US cities including New York, Chicago and LA, as well as Canadian cities Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto. For a fill list of cities and dates head here. Tickets go on sale Saturday August 13.

Never too early to start practicing…

Definitely reason enough to check out Qantas flights to the US.

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