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A Fried Pickle Restaurant Is Opening In New York City; Prepare Accordingly

A Fried Pickle Restaurant Is Opening In New York City; Prepare Accordingly

Pickles are great, hey? They’re just the right amount of tangy and crunchy and delicious. So it only makes sense someone would want to capitalise on these tasty treats and create a whole restaurant for them. Yes. That’s exactly what someone did.

The Pickle Guys is a popular Lower East Side kosher shop selling gourmet pickles (yum). Now, they’re expanding to include a small, counter service restaurant.

Photo: The Pickle Guys/Facebook

While the name of the shop and menu are still in the works, we can only assume it will focus on frying the wide variety of pickles already available in the shop. The Pickle Guys use an old Eastern European recipe to create barrel cured pickles. Over time they’ve also introduced traditional items like pickled watermelon, as well as new additions like pickled turnips, pineapples, peppers, olives, garlic, string beans, celery, mango and more. There’s the possibility the new menu will stretch towards fried okra, fried mushroom and fried tomato too.

So, basically this…


Just kidding! Although the majority of the menu will focus on pickled items, there will be other options on the menu including burgers and sliders.

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The Pickle Guys’ new restaurant is aiming to open in March or April of this year.

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