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5 Unique Places To Stay In Mexico

5 Unique Places To Stay In Mexico

When you think of Mexico what comes to mind? The bustling Mexico City, the striking landscapes and the to-die-for food is probably up there, but any visitor to Mexico’s shores will realise it’s truly full of surprises.

From overwater bungalows to treehouses to tube hotels, here’s five super unique places to stay when you make it to Mexico.

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Tubo Hotel


Tubo Hotel is exactly what the name says – it’s a hotel made of tubes. Here, guests can book their own private concrete tube that’s been fitted out with a queen-sized bed, cosy linen, storage, lighting and curtains for privacy. Rooms are stacked in a pyramid formation, and surrounding them is a cool communal area with picnic tables, a pool and barbecue area. Tubo Hotel takes full advantage of its surrounding area too – which is conveniently located 45 minutes south of Mexico City – with stunning mountain views all around.



Situated in the northernmost part of Ensenada in Baja California, Endémico is probably the chicest holiday spot on Mexico’s west coast. Scattered across this desert landscape are Endémico’s eco-lofts which offer a luxe camping option in a stunning location. These cosy homes are equipped with a king sized bed, a private wooden terrace and views that will leave you gobsmacked. And just so you know, you’ll be in the heartland of some of Mexico’s famous wineries – prepare accordingly.

Grand Riviera Princess


Who needs floors when you’ve got pools? At the Grand Riviera Princess in Playa Del Carmen, you can step out from your hotel room directly into a warm, turquoise pool – and in impeccable style no less. Of the 672 rooms at this elite hotel, 42 of them feature this glorious backdoor pool treat. There’s also 12 other swimming pools at the resort, a dozen restaurants and bars, and heaps of daytime activities including trips to the white sandy beaches just a few blocks away.

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Playa Viva

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Located in Juluchuca on Mexico’s Pacific west coast, Playa Viva is a luxurious, eco-friendly and private treehouse that sits above one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. The wooden cylindrical room is located among the palm trees, raised around two metres above the ground, and featuring an open window with views of the ocean and surrounds. The room is fitted out with a king bed, private bathroom, a small lounge area and a hammock. Let the day dreaming commence.

The El Dorado Resort


Nothing says “maxing and relaxing” like a house on stilts above some turquoise water. This form of accommodation is famous in places like the Maldives, Tahiti and Bora Bora, and now Mexico has joined the fray with the opening of its first overwater bungalow resort. Located in Riviera Maya, The El Dorado Resort hugs the Caribbean coastline on Mexico’s northeastern Yucatán Peninsula. It’s all to easy to imagine life here; diving into clear ocean waters right from your own private water-top cabin, peering through the cabin’s glass bottomed floors and enjoying 24-hour room service – what a dream.[/listicle]

(Lead image: Playa Viva)

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