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A Free Red Wine Fountain Has Opened In Italy

A Free Red Wine Fountain Has Opened In Italy

Italy has gone and out-Italy-ed itself with the announcement of a free, 24-hour red wine fountain in one of its villages.

Caldari di Ortona, a commune in the Abruzzo region, is now home to a free-flowing fountain of wine, operated by buttons and situated inside of a giant wine barrel. The fountain is on the Dora Sarchese winery and was designed by local architect Rocco Valentini.

It will serve as a pretty excellent pitstop for pilgrim and travellers walking the Cammino di San Tommaso, which passes through the town on its route between Rome and Ortona. While visitors are encouraged to top up their wine bottles without paying a cent, the winery has warned people that the fountain is ‘not a place for drunks’.

Fill ‘er up.

The drop of wine on offer is yet to be revealed, but seriously, think about the last bad Italian wine you had. We’ll wait…

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Exactly. Bad Italian wine is not a thing. Saluti!

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