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A Foodie’s Guide To NSW: Fresh Seafood, Sweet Knafeh And Everything In Between

A Foodie’s Guide To NSW: Fresh Seafood, Sweet Knafeh And Everything In Between


AWOL has teamed up with Andy And Ben Eat Australia to create digital episodes of the full-length SBS Food Network series discovering some of the best food and travel experiences Australia has to offer.

We’ll be covering off five episodes with the ex-Masterchef contestants, exploring the delicious side of Tasmania, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. The boys will be taking you through the best restaurants and experiences you can only find in each state: regional cuisine, native produce, community vibes and the small-town charm hidden in big cities.

In this episode, Andy and Ben’s exploration of food brings them to New South Wales. Here, they learn more about some of the state’s most multicultural populations and delve deep into the diverse and interesting food that can be found in suburbs like Parramatta in Sydney’s West.

This time, Andy takes the lead and shows us his favourite spots in this home state. We visit the maddest bakers and shakers at Knafeh bakery, go on a fishing trip in Port Stephens, and even forage for food and cook it up at a market stall at the New Brighton Farmer’s Market.

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Andy learns how to shake and bake with the bearded bakers of Knafeh Bakery

Describe NSW in three words.

Andy Allen: It’s the best (I’m from there, so I’m biased).

What’s the favourite spot you visited? 

AA: It was an absolute pearler of a day when we went fishing off Port Stephens with my dad. A bit of seasickness aside, we landed some fish, then got to cook it up at the beach – the water all sparkly – and sunk a cold John Boston with my dad. It’s epic.

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Andy’s fish and chips. Yes please!

What was the number one thing you ate in NSW?

AA: I’m biased, but the brick jerk chicken that I cooked up on the grill at The Ducks was off the hook! Chicken. Herbs. Fire. Put a fork in me, I’m done!

What do you think NSW does better than anywhere else in Australia?

AA: We’ve got the lot. Mountains, seafood, some of Australia’s best beaches, inner-city farms.

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Andy with Rob from The Nomadic Kitchen

Any insider tips?

AA: I love Sydney – breakfast down at Bronte at the Three Blue Ducks after a morning dip is hard to beat. Catch a ferry to Manly for afternoon beers – you’ll be hard pressed to find a prettier harbour in the world. Take a hike around South Head from Watsons Bay to the lighthouse and watch the sun go down at Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel. It’s all spectacular.

Then when you’re done with the city, hit the bush and the coast. The Blue Mountains offer views for days, plus a bunch of great hikes, local markets, and a good food scene (I really like Blackheath). Treat yourself at the Hydro Majestic if you can. And then from the Central Coast to the Queensland border you could spend weeks travelling this stretch. Find the little towns – the big names get all the attention. Drop into Port Stephens, spend a day or two at Brunswick heads – it’s like Byron 20 years ago. Head into the area behind Coffs Harbour and explore Bellingen and the Promised Lands. There’s a reason I live in this great state.

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Qantas and AWOL are partners of Andy And Ben Eat Australia. Check out more AWOL episodes with Andy and Ben below.

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