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A Big Ol’ Bacon Party Is Happening In Sydney This Weekend

A Big Ol’ Bacon Party Is Happening In Sydney This Weekend

Sydney is absolutely bonkers for bacon, and who can blame them? It’s clearly the superior cured meat, and it may even be the perfect example of that umami thing everyone (mainly MasterChef) bangs on about nowadays. So the news that Sydney is hosting a bacon party this weekend should have you salivating, cancelling all of your plans and possibly even booking flights if you’re interstate. No measures are too extreme.

Mojo, normally a wine and tapas warehouse bar, is rewriting the script this Saturday with their Bacon, Brunch & Bubbles event. For just $5 entry, you can chow down on a range of bacon-based treats created by some of Sydney’s most creative chefs and foodies like N2 Gelato, Blackstar Pastry and Cuccoo Callay.

Put it in me.

There’ll also be a DJ on hand spinning tunes (‘Bacon Up Is Hard to Do’? ‘Don’t Go Bacon My Heart’? ‘Achy Bacon Heart’?) and bubbles. Lots of bubbles.

Now, we’re not saying we endorse having a big one on Friday night, but imagine how amazing sinking your teeth into a bacon and egg brioche with chorizo jam will be if you’re feeling slightly dusty come Saturday morning.

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The Brunch of Fun – Bacon, Brunch & Bubbles takes place this Saturday August 25 at Mojo in Waterloo. Tickets are $5 and the event runs from 10:30am – 3pm.

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