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7 Signs That You Should Move To Buenos Aires

7 Signs That You Should Move To Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires. Like Europe, but with a twist of tango and a dash more daring, this super sexy metropolis is one to get under your travel skin. But are you and Argentina’s cosmopolitan capital star-crossed lovers? Are its cobblestone streets calling your name?

Here’s how to tell if you should make the move to Buenos Aires.

#1 You keep coming back from the supermarket with steak

Even when you tell yourself you’re making prawn fettuccine for dinner, and you’ve gone to great lengths to write a shopping list detailing exactly the type of pasta you wish to purchase, something alway draws you to the red meat aisle. Next minute you find yourself tossing up between 500 grams of eye fillet or a juicy lamb back strap and buying a bunch of potatoes for roasting. Move to Buenos Aires already, and eat parilla (grilled meats) for days.

Photo: Hamner_Fotos/Flickr

#2 Netflix is recommending Spanish foreign language films

Netflix knows your soul. It’s undeniable. It knows that whenever you’re home solo on a Saturday night you go straight to the Romantic Comedy section (preferably something featuring Drew Barrymore), but when you’ve got a date on the couch you’ll want something more classy, say a Louis Theroux documentary. So when Netflix starts suggesting you’d enjoy The Motorcycle Diaries and El Camino de San Diego, you should pay attention. Move to Buenos Aires already, and create your own Spanish-speaking movie plot.

#3 Your most productive hours are late, late at night

You’re not one of those people who needs to be in bed by 9pm, with all the curtains drawn and eight hours of sleep fuel ahead of you. No siree. You’re a night owl, baby. Unapologetically. When other people are tiring at 10pm, you’re just getting started – both energetically and creatively. So long as you take a cheeky afternoon siesta in the secret office meeting room, you can work/dance/drink into the wee hours. Move to Buenos Aires already, and embrace the nightlife.

Photo: nestor ferraro/Flickr

#4 When you’re thirsty, you wine

Forget H20, malbec is hydrating, right? You spend way too much time scouring the international red wine section of your local bottle-o, you can’t imagine eating a meal without a matching vino and are always first to shout a round. Whenever your parents scold you for drinking too much, you like to remind them that even Jesus turned water into wine. Or was it wine into water? You can’t remember. Move to Buenos Aires already, and drink the best Mendoza has to offer.

#5 You think everyone should kiss, all the time

Young people, old people, men, women – it doesn’t matter. You like to shower everyone with affection and can’t quite understand why people at home tend to shy away from the hug and kiss. A handshake is so cold, so unfriendly! Move to Buenos Aires already, and greet strangers like your best friends.


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#6 Carbs are your favourite

Croissants, empanadas, pasta – oh my! You think gluten intolerances are the plague of man and are genuinely disturbed by the Atkins diet. Let’s not even start on paleo. You like your breakfast to come with a good dose of fibre, your lunch preferably on some form of slice and dinner isn’t dinner if there isn’t meat stuffed in bread. Move to Buenos Aires already, and perfect your dough recipe.

#7 Madonna is your spirit animal

Evita Peron. Enough said.


Move to Buenos Aires already, amigo.

(Lead image: Hernán Piñera/Flickr)

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