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11 Tell Tale Signs That You Need A Holiday

11 Tell Tale Signs That You Need A Holiday

Holidays are a lot of things. Fun, inspiring, relaxing, rewarding – but most of all they are necessary. We all know taking a break is good for our health and wellbeing. In fact, science has shown that travel helps us live longer and happier lives – and we can’t argue with science.

But it’s been a long time since your last vacation… and you didn’t even notice. You’ve drifted ever so slowly into the slump of day-to-day life that you’ve forgotten what it’s like to feel refreshed and revitalised. You’ve forgotten what that post-holiday glow feels like.

Don’t wait ’til you’re falling asleep on the job or snapping at your friends to book your next trip. Here are 11 tell tale signs that it’s time to pack up and jet off.


#1 Small problems are becoming big dramas


You’ve lost excitement in your life and to make up for it, you been creating drama where it doesn’t need to be. You keep falling out with friends, you stress over what to wear, and the decision between a chicken and avo roll or a tomato toastie is excruciatingly unmanageable.

#2 Your stress is leading to mistakes

You’re running on anxiety and stress, and it’s causing you to make mistakes. So if you’re forgetting important coffee dates, or if you’ve accidentally hot-glue-gunned your pinky to your pointer, or if you’ve chosen the chicken and avo roll when you knew you wanted the toastie, it’s time for a well-earned break.

#3 Someone has called you a Debbie Downer or a Negative Nancy

Firstly, shame on them for using such embarrassing and outdated slang. But secondly, it sucks that your usually bubbly personality has plunged into a cynical cycle of pessimism.

#4 You keep finding yourself deep in philosophic thought


Surely we weren’t meant to live our lives glued to a computer screen? Isn’t five days a week too many to spend at work? What even is the meaning of life? I wonder what that goldfish is thinking? Do fish even think?

#5 Your friend’s travel photos no longer inspire you, they anger you

You used to like friends photos and write cute comments like “Have fun!” and “Jealous!” But it’s been so long since your last spot of sun that each sunny travel pic is slowing grinding you down. You try ignoring them but you can’t. You bottle it up inside until one day you explode in the form of a poorly thought-out rant which almost ends in you throwing your phone out the window. Since then, you’ve been blocking your travelling friends on all social platforms.

#6 You’re snoozing longer every morning

Remember when you were a morning person? You would rise at the crack of dawn, taking time to read the news, exercise or sit with a coffee before the work day begins. But now, you hit the snooze button more times that you’ll admit. Your morning routine is a 15-minute turnaround from bed to desk, including putting shoes on in the car, doing your hair at the traffic lights and scoffing a sugar-packed breakfast bar before your 9am meeting.

#7 You assume your passport is lost

You know you put it somewhere safe. You always put it somewhere safe. But it’s been a long time since you laid eyes on it and now you can’t exactly be sure where it is. You avoid looking for it because you assume it’s lost.

Yep, it’s definitely lost.

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#8 Your Instagram feed is filling up with take-away coffee cups and train selfies

When you’re travelling you take pride in noticing and capturing the beauty in the world. Here at home you’ve been searching for the same creative inspiration, but can’t quite find it. What you see instead is an interesting-shaped spill on the pavement or a misspelt name on your take-away cup.

#9 You’re retelling the same stories


The most exciting thing to happen to you in the last six months has been that time you saw a woman pushing a dog in a pram. And you’ve been talking about it ever since.

#10 You’re starting to screen calls from your friends

If you’re spending more nights at home with a tub of ice cream and season four of Suits instead of catching up with your best mates, then check yo’ self because you may have lost the zest for life.

#11 You keep saying “I want to go there”

No matter what you’re watching on the TV, be it National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation or Gardening Australia, you can’t help but say out loud “I want to go there.”

Sound a little too familiar? Start planning your next adventure with Qantas.

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