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10 Photos That Prove The Window Seat Is Definitely The Best

10 Photos That Prove The Window Seat Is Definitely The Best

Look, we know it’s contentious and both options have their benefits, but we’re calling it – the window seat totally trumps the aisle. The window seat is the aperture to the world, giving you a stunning vantage point for all of the landscape, cityscape and cloud formation #viewfromtheplane Instagram shots you could ever desire. Plus, no matter how often you fly, there’s still some kind of romantic wonder to watching the world unfurl 30,000 feet below you.

We’ve gathered up some excellent photos taken from the plane window to prove our point.


A photo posted by Joe Corrigan (@josephcorrigan) on

The Outback – she’s a beautiful thing.


A photo posted by @thegustagram on

Sydney is so shiny in the morning.


A photo posted by @bondibrad on

Perfect patterns that nature made up.


A photo posted by Qantas (@qantas) on

New Zealand, we straight up love you.


A photo posted by Dan (@dan_really) on

Touching down and taking off in Tasmania is always a treat.


A photo posted by Lisa Gibbs (@lisajane1976) on

Teeny tiny Brisbane houses.


A photo posted by DJ (initials) (@dj_sydney) on

Auckland from above is all turquoise.


A photo posted by Stuart Kinner (@stuartkinner) on

A perfect plane sunrise never disappoints.  


A photo posted by Nancy conger (@nancyjo82) on

  Double rainbows are cool and all, but what about double cloud layers?


Yep. We’ve found it. It’s the window seat jackpot. Convinced now?

Start planning your next adventure with Qantas.

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