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We’ve Found The Most Insane Hotel Ever

We’ve Found The Most Insane Hotel Ever

According to the dictionary, nostalgia is a ‘sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time’ and The Sweet Escape retreat in Florida is like nostalgia personified (place-onified?).


Has it been your dream to swan dive from your bunk bed into a glorious ball pit floor? Or what about sliding down a Hershey themed chocolate slide into the world’s only ice cream cone shaped swimming pool?

You can do all that and more at this ten bedroom wonder retreat just outside of Orlando, Florida. The Sweet Escape is – as their website so succinctly puts it – “like no other vacation home rental on earth.”


The Sweet Escape resort includes *deep breath*: ten bedrooms (which includes sleeping for up to 52 people), two kitchens, three living rooms, an indoor pool, movie theatre, a massage room and sauna, a mini golf course, an outdoor splash park, an arcade that includes a laser tag room, DJ booth and karaoke machine as well as the aforementioned ice cream shaped outdoor pool.


The rooms don’t disappoint either – bedroom themes range from Coca Cola and space to Hershey’s and M&Ms. It’s all so colourful and brash, you’re bound to end up with a sympathetic tooth ache from all the sweetness.


Possibly the ‘cherry on top’ of the hotel is the kids’ room with two bunk beds and a floor that doubles as a ball pit. It’s what dreams are made of.

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ball pit

The Sweet Escape is an all-inclusive gated resort, which guests can rent out in its entirety – kinda like your very own theme park!

Prices start at around $1182USD ($1582AUD) per night and the entire property sleeps 52 people. Time to round up all your friends and relatives for an insane nostalgic ride? We think so too.

(Images: Home Away)

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