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We Ranked The Best Breakfast Foods From Around The World

We Ranked The Best Breakfast Foods From Around The World


It’s the most important meal of the day – so how does the rest of the world eat their breakfast?

We decided to rank the strangest, yummiest, and downright best breakfast dishes from around the world. Good morning, indeed.

#15 Beghrir, Morocco

Image: Miia Mej / Flickr

Morocco’s semolina-based pancakes are deliciously airy and are usually served with a honey butter sauce. Beghrir is served as part of a standard brekky in this North African country, which usually features a mixed plate of olives, fried eggs, soft cheeses, and salads.

#14 Tostadas and Cafe Con Leche, Cuba


Breakfast isn’t the main meal of the day in Cuba, with cafe con leche (coffee with milk) and tostadas (a toasted piece of Cuban bread) favoured until lunch. Bread and coffee may not seem particularly special, but when you dip the buttery bread into the strong, milky coffee, something magic happens.

#13 Loco Moco, Hawaii, USA

Image: Kimubert / Flickr

Thanks to the influences of Japan and mainland American, as well as local culture, Hawaii is a melting pot of deliciousness as evidenced by one of the greasiest breakfasts on the planet. Loco Moco is a bed of white rice, topped with a hamburger patty, a fried egg, brown gravy, and anything else you want!

#12 Masala Dosa, India

Image: Henry Lawford / Flickr

Hailing from the south of India, Masala Dosa is best described as a savoury crepe. Usually filled with potato onions, green chilli and spices, this is easily one of the best vegetarian options for breakfast.

#11 Joke, Thailand


A delicious savoury rice porridge, Joke is usually made with jasmine rice, marinated minced pork and a soft boiled eggs. Filling, healthy and fun to say, this congee is a winner.

#10 Huevos Divorciados, Mexico

Image: Cristina Bejarano / Flickr

Literally translated to “divorced eggs”, Huevos Divorciados is made up of two eggs separated by a line of refried beans (frijoles), with one egg covered in red sauce (salsa roja) and the other covered in green sauce (salsa verde). All this sits atop a fried corn tortilla and must always be served with a glass of coke – yes, even for breakfast. It’s the Mexican way.

#9 Pho, Vietnam

Image: Jpellgen / Flickr

Soupy noodle favourite is a go-to for lunch and dinner in Australia, but in its native Vietnam, pho is enjoyed for breakfast.

#8 Ful Medames, Egypt


This traditional brekky also serves as the country’s national dish and it’s not hard to figure out why. Dating back to ancient Egypt, Ful Medames is made up of fava beans cooked in vegetable oil, herbs, spices and lemon juice.

#7 Onigiri, Japan

Image: Amanda Quintana-Jones / Flickr

Delicious sticky rice balls, wrapped in seaweed and cut into adorable shapes? Yes please. When visiting Japan, it’s fun to head to one of the many convenience stores, grab a Onigiri and a can of suntory (coffee in a can) and you’re set.

#6 Kahvaltı Tabağı, Turkey

Image: Utku Cafe

Translating to “breakfast plate”, Kahvaltı Tabağı is a delicious and hearty way to start the day. Traditional plates are usually comprised of hard boiled eggs, Turkish sausage, olives, chutneys, pickles, white cheese, as well as butter, honey, jam, sliced tomatoes and/or cucumbers. Also good to note: tea is favoured over coffee for brekky.

#5 Chwee Kueh, Singapore

Image: Jonathan Ooi / Flickr

Roughly translated to a steamed rice “water” cake, chwee kueh is native to the Hokkien region. It’s made from steamed rice flour and water, which is then topped with chai por (an asian radish) and chilli sauce.

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#4 Hagelslag, Netherlands

Image: Jan Glass / Flickr

Aside from being incredibly fun to say, Hagelslag – basically, a chocolate version of hundreds and thousands – is also incredibly delicious. Eaten for breakfast on plain white, buttered bread, it’s like fairy bread for Dutch grown ups. They love it so much that 14 million kilos of Hagelslag is reportedly consumed each year.

#3 Cafe Cultcha, Mate, Australia

27642581365_8687c7830d_z (1)
Image: Katherine Lim / Flickr

It might sound like a cop-out, but Australia’s cafe culture is continually heralded as the best – and, frankly, we’re sick of the rest of the world thinking we only eat Vegemite on toast for brekky! Some cafe favourites in Australia include smashed avo, baked eggs, and Bubble & Squeak.

We get to take the best from all cultures, jazz it up, pop it on a plate and cover it in dukkah. This really is the lucky country!

#2 Full English Breakfast, England

Photo: Garry Knight/Flickr

There is simply no going past a Full English Breakfast. Its comprised of sausage, bacon, fried eggs, baked beans (must be from a can), fried tomato, bread, and HP sauce at least. Optional elements include black pudding, mushrooms, and potatoes.

#1 Ackee, Jamaica

Image: Pelleb / Flickr

Ackee ranks so highly due to the skill required to prepare this dish. It’s a delicious and nutrient-dense fruit, however however if it isn’t picked and prepared properly, it can be fatal. Usually served with eggs and vegetables, this one is for true adventurers.

(Lead image: Nana B Agyei / Flickr)

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