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These Tiny Cocktail Chrissie Tree Baubles Are A Real 2020 Mood

These Tiny Cocktail Chrissie Tree Baubles Are A Real 2020 Mood

In a completely irregular year like 2020, I feel like the Christmas decorations also deserve a little bit of irregularity. A lot more glitter here, a lot more booze there — you get it, anything to brighten up the place.

So a Chrissie tree decorated in tiny bottles of grog very much fits my 2020 vibe.

Cocktail Porter has answered the call with their cocktail baubles for your tree, that also happen to be very small bottles of alcohol.

Each bottle is filled with 1.5 standard drinks worth of cocktail, to make your spirits bright (get it). There are four different flavours, all named in a fun Christmas way, but that are actually negronis, gimlets, martinis and old fashioneds.

‘Rudolf’s Negroni’ is made with sweet vermouth, Italian bitters, Tanqueray London dry gin and blood orange. ‘Santa’s Old Fashioned’ features Bulleit Bourbon, honey, sea salt and orange oils. The ‘Elf-flower Gimlet’ has elderflower (the best type of cocktail, IMO), Ketel One Vodka, fortified wine and lime. Finally,  ‘Gin-gle Bells Martini’ is made with Tanqueray London dry gin and French Vermouth.

When you’re done with them on your tree, just chuck them in the fridge, or crack open straight away and pour over ice.

The cocktail baubles are available here and come in a four pack for $99, or a five pack for $109, if one of each simply isn’t enough — and no-one could blame you for that.

I can’t pretend these wouldn’t make the perfect present, although you might want to hand them over before Christmas Day. But golly, they’d be pretty damn fun to hang on your own tree — if you can resist drinking them ahead of schedule. Or don’t, I’m not the boss of you.

(Lead Image: Instagram / @cocktailporter)

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