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Ukraine’s Tunnel Of Love Is Romantic As Hell

Ukraine’s Tunnel Of Love Is Romantic As Hell

Many a version of paradise is flanked by blue oceans, white sands and a lounge chair or two. But this time, all we can see is green. Welcome to the Tunnel of Love in Ukraine.


Located near the town of Kleven, this luscious green tunnel looks as thought it’s straight out of a Disney film.

The perfectly crafted tunnel is actually functional, providing passage for a private train carrying wood to a local factory (See? So Disney). The surrounding wild trees were left to grow around the train tracks, with the train shaping the leaves as it passed through.


The name, Tunnel of Love, comes from an old Ukrainian folktale which sees lovers using the tunnel to make a wish. It’s said that if they’re sincere in their love, their wish will come true. N’awwww.

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The Tunnel of Love is located about a four hour drive west of Kiev. Be sure to visit in spring, when the trees will be their lushest; blast that Dire Straits song and explore.

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