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Travelled To 100 Countries? You Could Join This Very Exclusive Club

Travelled To 100 Countries? You Could Join This Very Exclusive Club

Racking up dozens individual stamps in your passport is a fairly special feat, but did you know there’s an exclusive club for travellers who’ve visited more than 100 countries?

The Traveler’s Century Club is based in Los Angeles and has been around for more than 60 years. Founded in 1954, it has more than 1400 members (lucky!) in 25 locations around the world.

So, what do people who’ve seen more than half of the world’s countries do? Well, they do as the Romans – or the French, or the Greek, or the Vietnamese – do: share tales from far flung lands, exchange travel knowledge in the form of presentations and education sessions and, of course, travel.


But perhaps the best part is that members can tap into exclusive guides from their worldly peers.

If you fit the criteria (it should be noted that while only 195 sovereign countries have been officially identified, prospective members are required to have visited 100 or more of the world’s 325 territories), you can fill out the application form on the website, ticking off each of the 100 countries you’ve visited, pay the US$100 (AU$137) fee, and you’re in.

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(Lead image: Deanna Ritchie)

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