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Inside California’s New Trailer Park-Themed Bar

Inside California’s New Trailer Park-Themed Bar

In a sea of speakeasies and world-class bars, finding a place in the city to kick back and just enjoy a beer has become increasingly difficult — until now. A new bar in downtown San Diego, California, showcases the grit and glitter of caravan-park living.

Trailer Park After Dark, a subterranean dive bar, dishes up American-style comfort food and beer amid its trailer-themed décor – think garbage-can light shades, shopping trolley bar stools and beer served in paper bags.

The drinks menu features a variety of local and international beers on tap, in bottles or in cans. There’s also an extensive cocktail list on offer, with concoctions like the ‘Murica Mule and new takes on old favourites, like the ‘Brand Spankin’ New Fashioned.

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For those keen on dinner and a drink, Trailer Park After Dark dishes up the best in American-style comfort food. The delightfully greasy menu highlights dishes like truck-stop frito pies, finger lickin’ chicken wings and nightly TV dinner specials like Mama’s meatloaf and gravy, garlic mashed potatoes, sweet corn, and a jello shot for good measure.

“During my childhood, I had a lot of friends who lived in a trailer Park,” co-owner Nader Marvi told Lonely Planet. “Every time I hung out with them, I would have more fun. They didn’t have a backyard – their whole town was a backyard.”

Tralier Park After Dark restaurant and bar opens 5pm to 2am, Tuesday to Saturday. To see the full menu, visit their website.

How To Get There

  • Fly into San Diego International Airport
  • Take the 992 towards Downtown to Broadway and 6th Avenue
  • Walk 250m
  • Trailer Park After Dark, 835 Fifth Avenue, San Diego
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(Lead Image: Trailer Park After Dark)

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