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Tokyo’s Snake Cafe Is Its Most Extreme Animal Experience Yet

Tokyo’s Snake Cafe Is Its Most Extreme Animal Experience Yet

Tokyo Snake Center

From hedgehogs to owls and cats, Japan does animal cafes better than anywhere else on the planet. But one to the already thriving scene is a little less… cuddly.

Located in trendy Harajuku, the Tokyo Snake Center has been open for about three-and-a-half years and has 35 non-venomous snake “attendants”, all of which are available for a coffee date. Fortunately, human handlers are on site to assist with snake-handling and ensure slippery residents are kept safe and sound.

According to the website, more than 25,000 people have already braved the café.

There’s an $11.30 (¥1000) cover charge, which includes your first drink. An additional $6 (¥540) buys you the privilege of petting any of the 20 varieties of snake that call the café home.

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Fruit tea, mango milk, and alcoholic drinks are available, along with cakes and savoury dishes.

And, if you’d prefer to look with your eyes rather than your hands, there are plenty of plush snake souvenirs on offer.

(Lead image: Tokyo Snake Centre)

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