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Ireland Is Throwing A Toastie Festival, Because Ireland Knows What’s Up

Ireland Is Throwing A Toastie Festival, Because Ireland Knows What’s Up

What’s better than a toasted sandwich? Nothing, that’s what. Delicious cheesy melted goodness with fillings of your choice sandwiched between two golden-brown crunchy pieces of bread – it’s heaven.

And, it turns out we aren’t the only ones with an affinity for the humble toasted sandwich. Ireland is equally, if not more, obsessed — and it’s throwing an entire festival in honour of everyone’s favourite toasted treat. Understandably, we’re on board.

Image: Jimi Filipovski

The toastie festival will run from November 3 to 5 at Bray’s Harbour Bar in Wicklow, Ireland – just 50km south of Dublin. There, bar staff will dish up the classic ham and cheese toastie, as well as more unusual creations for the more daring among us.

Image: The Harbour Bar

All dietary requirements will be catered for, with staff more than happy to concoct the toastie of your dreams. Visitors will be also treated to unlimited cups of tea to wash it all down, making it the perfect way to spend a winter’s weekend.

Harbour Bar, the festival’s venue, was voted best bar in the world by Lonely Planet back in 2010, and is famed for its six separate sections and impressive history. In 2016, the New York Times even commended the area’s gourmet sandwich scene, making it a sure-fire damn good sandwich time.

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How To Get There

  • Fly into Dublin Airport
  • Take the 702 to Superquinn Castle Street
  • Walk 1.2km
  • 1 Strand Road, Brennan’s Parade, Bray, Co. Wicklow
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(Lead Image: Asnim Asnim)

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