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Tim Tams Have Finally Reached The US, And People Are Rightfully Delighted

Tim Tams Have Finally Reached The US, And People Are Rightfully Delighted

Tim Tams are a national treasure for us Aussies. We hold them to the same high esteem as fairy bread and Vegemite, and now they’ll be able to shine alongside these Aussie exports for the true snack heroes that they are.

Yes, Tim Tams have landed in the US. Hallelujah.


Tim Tams consist of a layer of chocolate cream sandwiched between two chocolate biscuits. It’s then dipped in chocolate and presented to the world as the decadent chocolate morsel that they are. But why am I telling you this? You know how awesome Tim Tams are.

Dubbed an Australian phenom-nom-nom (cute) by their distributors, the biscuits are now officially available in all major supermarkets, grocery stores and mass merchandisers across the US to coincide with January 26.

Of course, people are rightfully going nuts over this news.

It’s said Australians eat approximately 45 million packets of Tim Tam biscuits each year, and one in every two Australian households purchase Tim Tam biscuits (who, dare I ask, are these other households that don’t purchase Tim Tams?)

For Australians, the Original flavour is the most popular, followed closely by the Double Coat, which has an extra-thick choc coating.


The best thing about this news is that now that Tim Tams will be available in the US, you can finally stop being asked to take packets to your American friends in your suitcase.

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