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This Walk-In Cloud Bar Specialises In Breathable Alcohol

This Walk-In Cloud Bar Specialises In Breathable Alcohol

We know that it’s all about “the cloud” these days, but one company is taking that concept in an…unexpected direction. Bompas & Parr, a London-based experience design firm, have opened a new “fully immersive alcohol environment” (sounds good to us!) in the Borough’s Market neighbourhood, next to the site of the UK’s oldest gothic cathedral and monastery.

Alcoholic Architecture, as it’s called, consists of using humidifiers to fill the venue space with a walk-in, breathable alcohol mist, so you can get tipsy without even needing to go through the effort of sipping a drink. The alcohol cloud consists of a 1:3 mixture of spirit to mixer (usually Gin and Tonic), and is absorbed through your lungs and eyeballs, which seems like it would sting but apparently doesn’t.

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Do you prefer to get your drink on the old fashioned way? In honor of the monastery next door, there are monk-themed liquid libations like Trappist beer and Buckfast available on site as well, to either drink while breathing in normal air like a chump, or to take back into the cloud. Aren’t you glad to be living in the future?

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