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This Swedish Hotel Is A Deluxe Treehouse For Grownups

This Swedish Hotel Is A Deluxe Treehouse For Grownups

The aptly-named Tree Hotel in far northern Sweden is a one-of-a-kind Swedish Hotel Retreat among the pines and above the ground, perfect for a weekend away. Co-founders Britta and Kent, inspired by a commitment to enjoy nature “on nature’s terms” have built a sustainable, eco-friendly and utterly unique boutique hotel experience with five individual “treerooms”, each meticulously designed by Scandinavian architects.

Each of the treerooms (think deluxe treehouse) were built several metres above the ground on live trees using minimal impact construction techniques, but otherwise they are nothing alike. Each treeroom has a unique design: there is a copper UFO look-a-like, a mirrored cube camouflaged among the treetops, a giant birds nest bristling with twigs, a bright red cabin and a vaguely nautical lookout station.

Each of the treerooms is powered by hydroelectric energy, uses a combusting toilet and boasts scenic views of the tranquil Lule river. There is even a luxe 12-person “treesauna”, built according to the same principles. Britta’s hostel, which services the treerooms, is cosy base for every arctic adventure you could imagine.

Guests can sample delicacies like reindeer, moose or bear meat, before heading out on a thrilling dog sled ride or a snow-shoe hike–its almost enough to make you wish for winter. A weekend retreat at Treehotel costs around $835 for two nights, plus breakfast, two three-course dinners and a bottle of complimentary champers. Getting back to nature has never been so appealing.

(Photos: Matteo Garone/Flickr)

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