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This Population Density Heat Map Is Pretty Fascinating

This Population Density Heat Map Is Pretty Fascinating

This mesmerising heat map lights up countries based on their populations and is quite literally “shedding light” on nations all around the world.

Róbert Szűcs, a Geographic Information Systems analyst based in Hungary, took population density information that was available via NASA, and converted it into this transfixing heat map, wherein the most densely populated parts of the world are represented by the colour gold.


There’s a relative darkness to much of the western world, while countries such as India and Mexico are lit up by their inhabitants. It’s also easy to see that most of the inhabitants of The United States are based around major cities.

Another realisation the map provides is that while China is the most populated country in the world, the eastern side of it is actually very sparsely populated.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Australia is but an outline on the map, living in virtual darkness on account of our extremely low population.

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(All images: Róbert Szűcs)

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