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This Japanese Company Has Invented A Wearable Bed

This Japanese Company Has Invented A Wearable Bed

Expanding on the theme of portable homes, a Tokyo-based office-supply company has begun selling a wearable, inflatable Snuggie/air mattress hybrid marketed toward dedicated employees who don’t want to lose a drop of productivity by going home to sleep, but we can see it working just as well for airport stopovers or Spanish siestas . The Wearable Air Mat Set designed by Japanese company King Jim is a roomy, one-size-fits-all onesie made out of quilted nylon and available only in an eye-searing shade of blue.


The suit is adjustable at the neck, wrists and ankles, and functions as a wearable blanket for the included air mattress. The mattress itself supports up to 200 kilograms and comes with its own air pump and pouch.  And on those days when you don’t feel like wearing the blue blanket suit around (although I can’t imagine why), it rolls up easily for storage in a sack of its own.


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Wear it to parties, to festivals, in airports, to the beach and camping – with the Wearable Air Mat Set, you’ll never be short a warm place to sleep again.

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