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Now There’s A Way To Translate Foreign Languages In Real Time

Now There’s A Way To Translate Foreign Languages In Real Time

A game-changing device that’ll break down language barriers has arrived, and it conveniently fits right in your ear.

It’s an encounter many travellers know too well – you’re in a foreign city struggling to find your a bar/hotel/restaurant. You try to ask a kindly stranger but alas, your language skills aren’t so up so scratch. Thankfully, someone decided to remedy this with an ingenious solution: it’s called the Pilot.


Created by tech company Waverly Labs, the Pilot is a translation device that easily fits into your ear. It’s actually the very first smart earpiece of it’s kind, and allows the wearer to understand foreign languages through real time translation that’s parlayed through an earpiece.


The device is synchronised to an app on your phone, which lets you toggle through languages depending on your location. So far, the device offers French, Spanish, Italian and English, with Hindi, Semitic, Arabic, Slavic and more coming soon.

Watch it in action below:

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(Sidebar: does it remind anyone else of the Babelfish in The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy?)

The Pilot device is set to hit shelves in September, with it retailing for $129USD (about $176AUD). Pre-order one here.

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