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This Hotel Has Special Rooms Just For Crying

This Hotel Has Special Rooms Just For Crying

Thanks to the brilliant new concept being debuted by this Japanese hotel, you’ll never again be able to just cry in the shower while stress-eating a box of donut holes.


The Mitsui Garden Yotsuya Hotel in Shinjuku, Tokyo is changing the power-crying game by offering a special deal on “ladies crying rooms” from now until the end of August. For $104AUD per day, guests can rent a room, fully stocked with special tissues that are “as soft as cashmere”, warm sheets, soothing eye masks and makeup remover, all the better to release stress in the most private and comfortable environment imaginable.

Need a bit of help turning on the waterworks because your life isn’t already in shambles? Not to worry_the hotel even provides a selection of 12 tearjerking movies, along with a collection of very sad manga comics. Ready, set, sob.

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