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This Fremantle Hostel Has A Pretty Eerie Past

This Fremantle Hostel Has A Pretty Eerie Past

Going to prison is usually something you want to avoid, but this Fremantle hostel, set to open mid-year, is set to change all that. The Fremantle Prison YHA is located on the grounds of a 19th century prison, which was initially called the Convict Establishment and built in the 1850s.

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The first prisoners arrived in 1855, and the prison was operational until 1991, having seen its fair share of riots, floggings and escape attempts.

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You can sleep in a converted convicts cell (if you dare), or if the creep factor is too much for you, in a renovated Victorian guard’s cottage. Either way, this unusual accommodation is the perfect base for exploring Fremantle, Perth City and nearby tourist destination Rottnest Island, while learning more about Australia’s convict history. Just don’t try to skip out on the bill…

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(Images: The Fremantle Prison YHA)

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