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This Cave Is Large Enough To Fly A Jumbo Jet Through

This Cave Is Large Enough To Fly A Jumbo Jet Through

While this Borneo site was named Deer Cave for the numerous deer who come to lick salt from the rocks, this hollow actually belongs to another animal.

Twelve bat species live in this cavity, the most amount of any cave on the planet, with about three million individual bats calling it home. Each evening at dusk, there is a massive exodus with millions of bats emerging from the cave, punctuating the sky.

(Matthew Goulding/Flickr)

The three million bats can comfortably fit inside of the cave due to its immense size.

At over 2kms long and 174 metres high, there’s enough room for a jumbo jet to fly through without touching the sides. In fact, the Sarawak Chamber could easily accommodate 40 Boeing 747s.


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It is the largest known cave on earth that can be accessed by the public. It held the title of largest cave from its discovery up until 2009 when a possibly larger one was discovered in Vietnam, however surveyors are still measuring each to see which comes up king of the caves.

Deer park is accessed via a 3km plank hike in the Gunung Mulu National Park.

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