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These Were The 10 Most Instagrammed Cities Of 2016

These Were The 10 Most Instagrammed Cities Of 2016

Instagram has released data recounting the most Instagrammed cities of 2016, and it reads like a veritable bucket list of must-see destinations.

2016 was a wild one, and with only a few weeks left of the year, we’ve officially entered the “looking back” phase. You know, when you sit down and take stock of the year that was; the places you’ve been, the food you’ve eaten, the photos you’ve taken. Social media giant Instagram has already kicked off their end-of-year reminiscing session, crunching the numbers to figure out where in the world we’re tagging (and bragging about) the most.

Rio was tagged a lot in 2016, probably due to hosting the Olympics in the middle of the year, and the world’s “best destination” London came in second, but the city of all cities, New York, came out on top.

Take a gander at 2016’s most geo-tagged cities list below, and keep in mind that a lot of these figures would be influenced not just by travellers, but by the local population, too.

#10 Jakarta, Indonesia

#9 Istanbul, Turkey

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#8 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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#7 Saint Petersburg, Russia

#6 Los Angeles, California

#5 Paris, France

#4 São Paulo, Brazil

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#3 Moscow, Russia

#2 London, United Kingdom

#1 New York City, United States

(Lead image: Central Park, New York City)

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