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These Stackable Sleeping Pods Make Camping Even More Awesome

These Stackable Sleeping Pods Make Camping Even More Awesome

Sometimes camping can be a blissful. Other times – even if you think you’ve planned everything to a tee – it can all come crumbling down, both figuratively and literally. Disposable tents, uncomfortable bedding, severe storms – we’ve all been there. To combat this, two design firms from Belgium decided to up the camping game with outdoor inspo gathered from bees, of all places.

Yes, the bees, Nicholas Cage. Bees are to thank for this new invention that could revolutionise festival camping as we know it.


The design incorporates sleeping cells that bare a striking resemblance to honeycomb in their Tetris-perfection stacking.


The design firm, which is fittingly called B And Bee, began testing their structures at festivals last year and have been met with an overwhelmingly positive response. The pods are way more comfortable than your everyday tent – there’s a king size bed and power inside – and because they’re stacked, they take up a whole lot less space than a bunch of pitched tents too. Resembling those capsule hotels in Japan, each vertical pod is accessible either from ground level or via a metal staircase.

Each free-standing pod provides a stable space for one or two people, and expanding your honeycomb campsite is as simple as stacking up another pod, meaning your friends can camp directly above you.

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While they won’t be up for individual sale, it’s looking like these pods will be rolled out at selected overnight festivals to be rented out by patrons at the site.

(All images: B And Bee)

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