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These 10 Destinations Will Be Totally Trending In 2017

These 10 Destinations Will Be Totally Trending In 2017

Flight search aggregator Skyscanner has crunched the numbers from millions of flight searches over the past few years and found what’s trending with Aussie travellers.

The crowned champ is the gem of the Aegean Sea and a well-known Greek must-do, Santorini. Santorini is the kind of place that elicits a resounding sigh from anyone who mentions it. It’s picture perfect Greece with its white-washed architecture, steep cliffs littered with houses, and deep blue sea – it’s no surprise to find this on tops of the list. Over the past three years, flight bookings to Santorini have increased by an enormous average of 45 percent.

Medellin, Colombia. Photo: Ivan Erre Jota/Flickr

Coming in a close second is the sprawling city of Chongquin in southwest China, known for being the place where the Yangtze and Jialing rivers converge. It’s also close to Chengdu, a major panda habitat – which clearly explains its popularity.

The rest of the list features a wide variety of cities, both historic and relatively modern, including Reykjavik in Iceland, Medellin in Colombia and Kochi in India.

Check out the rest of the list below, noted with their increase in popularity.

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#1 Santorini, Greece (45 percent)
#2 Chongqing, China (43 percent)
#3 Kochi, India (40 percent)
#4 Catania, Italy (37 percent)
#5 Reykjavik, Iceland (36 percent)
#6 Caticlan (Boracay), Philippines (33 percent)
#7 Medellin, Colombia (33 percent)
#8 Puerto Princesa, Philippines (32 percent)
#9 Kahului (Maui), US (28 percent)
#10 Da Nang, Vietnam (24 percent)

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