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There’s A New Aussie Local Open In NYC And You’ve Probably Seen It Before

There’s A New Aussie Local Open In NYC And You’ve Probably Seen It Before

Think of the set of Puberty Blues, add in some Crocodile Dundee and stir it up with a whole lot of wood panelling, and you’ve got yourself The Flower Shop. New York City’s hottest new casual bar brought to you by two expat Aussies.

The Flower Shop is located in the Lower East Side’s Chinatown, nestled smack bang in the middle of a strip swilling dumplings and fruit shops. It’s a two storey establishment, offering that stale cigarette, plush 1970s decor of the Australian suburban RSL. Odds are, you’ve seen a place just like this many times before.

Ronnie Flynn and Dylan Hales are the two Aussies behind the joint and have both lived in New York for over a decade. They cut their teeth in the the Big Apple’s fast paced hospitality scene before opening up a string of successful bars and businesses separately. Broadsheet reports that Flynn’s last venture, NeverNever Lounge, was frequented by Rihanna and Bella Hadid.

The Flower Shop has a true community vibe as well. Flynn and Hales have said that the reason they opened it was to give people a place to hang out in and chill. If there’s any queues outside, they’ll just tell people to keep moving. It’s not a “queue” type of place.

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The menu itself is full of fresh produce and simple ingredients. In other words, stuff that us Australians take for granted.

You can find out more about the bar here and check out the pics on Instagram.

(Lead image: The Flower Shop/Instagram)

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