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There’s A Melbourne Cafe Serving Fairy Floss Dessert Burgers

There’s A Melbourne Cafe Serving Fairy Floss Dessert Burgers

Fairy floss is one of those delightful treats that immediately brings you back to childhood. It’s delicious, nostalgic, and looks great on Instagram, meaning that even now, we can’t get enough of it. Now, fairy floss has popped up in Melbourne (the city with the best cafe culture in the world) in an interesting new way.

Port Melbourne’s Long Story Short Cafe has blown up our Instagram feeds by taking our beloved fairy floss and turning it into a burger. Yes, a burger.

It’s a confusing concept, so let us walk you through it. The ‘fairy floss dessert burger’ will arrive at your table looking like nothing more than a huge dome of pink, fluffy floss topped with popping candy and dried raspberries.

But once you pour coconut milk over the top, the floss will dissolve, revealing a brioche burger with honeycomb ice cream and white chocolate sauce.

A bonafide stairway to sugar heaven.

Cafe owner Ly Nguyen told Lonely Planet, “It was supposed to be a limited special offer, but in the end it was so popular that it has become a menu staple. We also have two fairy floss machines in the kitchen, so it’s like a festival back there!”

Long Story Short‘s inventive menu doesn’t stop there. The menu also includes attention-grabbing stuff like activated charcoal fish and chips, buttermilk Tim Tam pancakes, and what might be the most exciting hot chocolate in the world:

You can pick up a fairy floss burger Long Story Short Cafe now. Your sugar coma awaits.

(Lead image: Long Story Short Cafe/Facebook)

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