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There Is A Bacon Bar In NYC

There Is A Bacon Bar In NYC

If you thought that we as a society had already reached peak bacon, you were wrong. Far beyond chocolate covered bacon bits or bacon-emblazoned bandaids, there is now a restaurant in New York (where else?) dedicated entirely to worshipping at the altar of this ubiquitous fried pork product.

(Photo: Bar Bacon/website)

Founded and owned by chef Peter Sherman, BarBacon sets itself apart from other on-trend eateries by making bacon its focus rather than a flavouring agent. BarBacon claims to be “giving bacon the attention it rightfully deserves” by featuring a range of sandwiches, rolls, salads, scrambles, burgers and sides that all feature bacon as the star ingredient – the “Bacon Bahn Mi” and “Bacon Loves Lobster Roll” look especially tempting. There’s also a bacon tasting plate with flavours including peppered bacon, house applewood bacon, apple cider bacon and jalapeño bacon.

(Photo: Bex Walton/Flickr)

Sherman sources high-quality pork belly from small farms all over the United States, and the bacon he serves comes in a range of different styles and flavors, from smoky, to spicy, to sweet. The menu at BarBacon also features an extensive drinks menu of local artisanal beers and cocktails, carefully selected for how well they pair with, you guessed it, bacon.

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(Photo: Bar Bacon/website)

According to the BarBacon website, “sin is in” gastronomically, and the eatery is proudly dedicated to hedonists.But BarBacon’s mission is not only culinary, it is patriotic. Bacon has a long and proud history in the food culture of the United States, and according to Sherman, “by eating it you are supporting part of what makes America great”. USA! USA!

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