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The World’s Best Hotel Has Opened A Tasmanian Devil Enclosure

The World’s Best Hotel Has Opened A Tasmanian Devil Enclosure

Saffire Freycinet, which was recently named the “Best Boutique Hotel in the World” at the World Boutique Hotel Awards, had added another feather to their cap – and that cap must be getting pretty crowded now, what, with the ever-growing list of pretty much unbelievably awesome activities serving as draw cards for the luxury hotel.

The newest experience is a complimentary Saffire Tasmanian Devil Experience, which gives guests the opportunity to encounter the super rare animals in a natural environment – a one hectare open range enclosure built on site where the marsupials can feed and interact.

The space is managed in conjunction with University of Tasmania’s Menzies Institute for Medical Research and the Save The Tasmanian Devil Program. It aims to find a cure for the rare and contagious Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumour Disease, a form of cancer that’s currently threatening to wipe out the species.


Guests can participate in visual health inspections of the resident animals led by expert trained guides, learning to recognise the individual devils and even check in with their new furry friends via remote camera imagery.

This one-of-a-kind experience joins a long list of incredible things on offer at the Saffire Freycinet. To date, you can dine on a seven course tasting menu which changes each night, enjoy cooking and mixology demonstrations, catch a private helicopter to a golf course and enjoy freshly shucked oysters plucked from the bay and served to you on a white linen table propped up in the shallows.

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And all this for just $1800 per night (meals inclusive) – so what’s the hold up?

Whether you’re looking for Tasmanian devils or a little bit of luxury, you can head to the Apple Isle with Qantas.

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