The Rest Of The World Just Discovered Fairy Bread

Growing up in Australia certainly has its merits. We’re blessed with some of the most iconic landscapes in the world, ample Vitamin D and an abundance of weird sugary treats to eat during childhood. Iced vovos, ANZAC bickies, lamingtons and the legendary pavlova are all fondly recalled as we look back to our post-school snacks. While Vegemite and Tim Tams are just some of the iconic treats to have made their way across oceans, one particular Aussie invention is just gaining traction in the US and people are (rightfully) going nuts.

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Ah, fairy bread. This sugary birthday party snack is having a *moment* online, thanks mostly to Pinterest. If you’ve ever spent any time on this social media site, you’ll understand that fairy break is prime Pinterest material: it’s colourful, light and ripe for interpretation by budding bakers/chefs/people who can spread things on bread.

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Somebody make me that fairy-bread-in-a-mug thing ASAP please.

Blame it on the colourfulness of this dish, or the fact that people just love sugar, but fairy bread has infiltrated the psyche of people from across the globe so it’s probably about time we shared this rad ‘Strayan dish with the world.

If you need to refresh your memory, fairy bread is made exclusively from white bread that’s slathered with butter and topped with multi-coloured sprinkles. In Australia and New Zealand, we call them hundreds and thousands (or even more colloquially, hundo thundos), and we’ve long learnt the rule when it comes to covering our bread with the tiny circular sugar spheres – the crunchier, the better.

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American website VICE have even launched a full-on investigation into the wild world of fairy bread on their food site Munchies. The writer notes the “enigma” surrounding this particular sugary treat comes from the fact that “no one really knows where it came from”, and that it’s actively strengthening Australian-American relations. Another US site HelloGiggles have also caught on, noting the newer trend of using Nutella instead of butter as the sticking agent in fairy bread. They even reckon it’s mostly adults, not children, who are consuming the treat – no comment here.


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We’re proud to call this tasty sugar-filled treat our own and everyone is welcome ’round our place for a slice of the good stuff – or you can even head to trendy restaurant Parliament on King in Sydney who have it on their menu (even Emma Stone is a fan).

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Thanks mate.

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