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The Most Important Food Spots From When ‘Master Of None’ Went To Italy

The Most Important Food Spots From When ‘Master Of None’ Went To Italy

‘Master of None’ — Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang’s brilliantly funny Netflix series — is as much a love letter to friendship and family as it is to a very good meal. Season one had us ogling over New York’s most impressive restaurants and bars, but it’s Season two’s stint in Italy that has made our mouths seriously water.

Ansari’s character of Dev travels to the northern Italian town of Modena to learn how to cook and eat loads of amazing food. In these episodes, we see a whole lot of out-of-this-world pasta served up and long walks through Modena’s impressive town square. So much so, that it compels you to travel to Modena… immediately. Thankfully, the people over at Vulture put together a list of restaurants in Modena that Dev visited, so you can do the same. Warning: gratuitous images of delicious food coming up.

#1 Hosteria Giusti

In episode one, Dev goes to a special restaurant for his birthday and shares his reservation with a British girl. The two walked behind a deli counter, through the kitchen and into the intimate dining area to share their meal. The restaurant they ate in is called Hosteria Giusti, a 400-year-old establishment that’s considered one of the very best in Italy. It’s one of Mario Batali’s faves.

#2 Enoteca Compagnia del Taglio

Photo: Compagnia del Taglio/Facebook

Dev celebrates his birthday later that night with a group of his friends at Enoteca Compagnia del Taglio, and of course, more incredible food. 

#3 Mercato Albinelli

Photo: Mercato Storico Albinelli

When Dev’s best buddy Arnold arrives, he takes him through a sprawling market of insanely fresh fruit and vegetables, tasting as they go along. Turns out, Mercato Albinelli is very much real and stocked with as much fresh food as you can eat.

#4 Bar Schiavoni

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Before Dev and his buddy Arnold go to their wedding, they stop for a sandwich at Modena’s famous Bar Schiavoni. As Yang told Vulture, “The sandwiches are delicious!” Aziz’ own Instagram seems to agree.

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#5 Osteria Francescana

Photo: Osteria Francescana

One of Dev and Arnold’s most iconic Italian food experiences happens in the wine cellar of Osteria Francescana. And judging by the credentials this place has, we’re guessing that Aziz Ansari and Eric Wareheim didn’t need to act too hard to convey the deliciousness. The restaurant was named best in the world in 2016 and has been granted three Michelin stars. Owner and head chef, Massimo Bottura asked the show specifically to come and film at his restaurant and eat his food. Unfortunately, the wine cellar was an exclusive room set up for the show and not available to the public, but the food is all the same. A must-eat experience in Modena. BRB. Going to Modena immediately.

h/t: Vulture

(Lead image: Netflix)

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