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The ‘Camping With Dogs’ Instagram Feed Is The Best Thing Ever

The ‘Camping With Dogs’ Instagram Feed Is The Best Thing Ever

As any dog owner can attest – dogs lead a pretty good life. Feed them, walk them, throw a ball around every once in a while and they’ll be happy as a clam. All they need is some grass beneath their paws and their happiness will increase tenfold. So it comes as no surprise then that this new Instagram account @CampingWithDogs, showing off happy pups in nature, is basically the best thing ever.

Dogs in hammocks – who knew it would be so wonderful!?

Camping With Dogs are pioneers for spending quality time with your pooch, whether it’s hiking, camping, kayaking, biking or even fishing – your dog will always be up for it and the results are always adorable.


Dogs are pretty much the best companions to take on a trip – they’ll inspire you to keep on walking, even when your legs are about to give out, and they’ll even indulge in an afternoon nap with you when you’ve walked as far as you can manage. They’re called Man’s Best Friend for a reason, right?

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It’s perfect. Dogs are perfect. Life is perfect. Who else wants to go snuggle a puppy right about now?

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